Welcome to the CreatorVerse!

CreatorVerse will transform the Social World as we know it.


CreatorVerse gives fans the opportunity to achieve exclusive rewards, offered via the Creator's verified online fan club.

About CreatorVerse

CreatorVerse is a transformative fan-engagement platform that connects creators with their following. By running and maintaining a proprietary liquid exchange, CreatorVerse adds an additional monetization strategy to the traditional Creator revenue suite. In all, CreatorVerse empowers Creators to achieve their full monetary potential by offering them state-of-the-art financial tools and a proprietary fan engagement mechanism.

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Our Advantages

Creators First.

We’re a platform that empowers Creators to grow.

Crypto-Free User Interface.

A platform powered by blockchain and a UI that works for all.

A Thoughtful & Stable Marketplace.

A proprietary trading algorithm designed to ensure market stability and reliability.

Something New.

An entirely new product for Creators to offer their fans made possible only through blockchain.

Give the Fans What They Want.

Fans who support Creators on CreatorVerse can achieve rewards that are in incredibly high demand according to research studies.

Complete Ownership.

CreatorVerse empowers Creators. We are the only platform that provides the mechanism which enables them to truly own their platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the CreatorVerse begin?

We started working on CreatorVerse in December of 2020. Charlie & Joshua, our technical wizards (also known as Choshua) have been hard at work coding the platform since then. We’ll have a big update this 2022 🎉

Who’s allowed on CreatorVerse?

CreatorVerse is a platform for all Creators that have fans who love them. Creators, in our eyes, are anyone with online following. This includes YouTubers, Instagrammers, Streamers, TikTokkers, Athletes, Musicians, Coaches, Influencers, Thought Leaders, and many more.

Does CreatorVerse use Blockchain?

Yes and no. CreatorVerse uses blockchain like a car uses an engine. We’re powered by it. However, as a user you don’t have to be a crypto-certified car mechanic to log on, interact, and use the platform. In fact, CreatorVerse’s user flow is 100% crypto-free but comes with a manually enabled crypto-mode for those who prove that they are crypto-educated.

Will CreatorVerse have an ICO, or its own Cryptocurrency, like Rally?

No. Our superstar Co-CTO's (Choshua) found a way for blockchain to power our platform without having a native cryptocurrency. This allows our marketplace to be safe, stable, and reliable. No more nasty pump and dumps!

Can Creators make money in the CreatorVerse?